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Invest in the French Alps !


The Alps bring together several different lifestyles, several sports, several champions, several panoramas, several villages, several chalets ... All these characteristics are appreciated by tourists and investors. Today, it is interesting to invest in new constructions in the Alps due to the excellent quality of architecture and materials. It is entirely possible to choose your own plans for real estate and to benefit from tax advantages such as reduced notary fees or a 20% reduction in VAT if this property is rented.

Cimalpes - Invest in Courchevel

Why invest in Courchevel?

The ski area of Courchevel attracts a relatively affluent and above all international population. Courchevel 1850, Courchevel Moriond, Courchevel Village, Courchevel Le Praz... Each of these villages has several Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury boutiques, ski schools, hotels, chalets and modern apartments. 

Families usually prefer villages located at the bottom of the valley, such as Courchevel Village or Courchevel Le Praz, at 1550m and 1300m of altitude, quieter and more affordable. It is in these villages that reigns a delightful alpine village atmosphere. Travelers appreciate being able to use the track in the middle of the charming forest of Courchevel Le Praz which connects it to Courchevel 1850.
Families also like Courchevel Moriond for its particularly welcoming side.

It is in high altitude that the prices are the highest since the resort mixes both luxury and superior quality. However, it is easy among these few Savoyard villages to find affordable real estate. Usually, the more you go down the mountain, the lower the prices are and, given its notoriety, the market of Courchevel guarantees a good return on investment. The purchase process is fairly straightforward, with no restrictions on foreign ownership.

The resort is equally renowned for its many summer and winter events and après-ski activities that guarantee the public an exceptional entertainment for all tastes and budgets.
Cimalpes - Invest in Méribel

Why invest in Méribel?

Méribel is one of the most attractive resorts in terms of real estate investment, and one of the most popular among wealthy clientele, including British tourists.

Five villages constitute Meribel. Les Allues (1100m of altitude), Méribel Village (1400m), Méribel Centre (1500m), Méribel Les Hauts (1600m) and Méribel Mottaret (1700m). Like Courchevel, prices vary according to our location in Méribel: the higher the altitude, the more prices tend to increase. A property in Les Allues can see its price double compared to a property in the village of Méribel Mottaret. It is the proximity of the slopes and the ease of access that participate in the appreciation of the value of the goods. However, a property is just as interesting to be at the bottom of the mountain for its proximity to the cable cars and the free shuttles connecting all the hamlets of the region, this one will be more profitable. Even though low-lying villages sometimes suffer from a lack of snow, the resort of Méribel benefit from state-of-the-art snowmaking systems that ensure snow cover on the slopes throughout the season.

The chalets and apartments guarantee their owners an extremely profitable opportunity due to the high presence of travelers during the year.

Tourists enjoy as much Méribel Centre for its cinemas, spas and restaurants as Méribel Les Hauts for its golf courses and stunning views. The skiers love Méribel Mottaret since the pistes are directly connected to the village. If the desire for a ski-in/ ski-out chalet takes you, you now know where to find it.

The Vanoise National Park also attracts travelers to Méribel Mottaret for its 53 000 hectares protected natural area at the Gebroulaz glacier.

Cimalpes - Invest in Megève

Why invest in Megève?

Megève is a medium mountain resort, which means that the resort enjoys a less hostile climate than in high mountains : a real advantage for the summer season. During summer and winter, the prestigious resort is full of activities of all kinds and the climate is suitable: -4 °C in winter and 27 °C in summer, ideal for enjoying the beautiful ski slopes or major circuits of hiking.

Before being a ski resort, the resort is above all a village with a real historic centre. Investing in Megève means being able to enjoy a privileged lifestyle in this charming village, unique in its kind. In addition, Megève is extremely well located: near Geneva, surrounded by mountains including the Mont Blanc and forests near which the ski slopes are slipping and welcoming skiers, snowboarders, couples and families come to relax. The village has amazing spas as the new Palais de Megève with its aquatic space, its space shape, well-being... and many gourmet restaurants where it is good to reserve a table, such as the 3 starred restaurant, Flocons de Sel.

Rustic apartments or classy chalets, the real estate is mixed with a lifestyle typical of Megève between the practice of winter sports, wine tastings, savoyard specialties and small chic boutiques.

Invest in Val d'Isère

Why invest in Val d’Isère?

Located at 1850 meters above sea level, the chic village of Val d'Isère is part of an exceptional ski area: the Espace Killy, the third largest ski area in France. Ski enthusiasts will be served between 300km of slopes, 100 chairlifts and 200 snow canons that promote a perfect snow cover. Guests can enjoy après-ski activities and enjoy their meals and cocktails in the resort's trendy restaurants.

In general, the climate in Val d'Isère is ideal for all seasons: snowfall is not lacking between December and May and summer enjoys ideal temperatures for outdoor activities.

Very popular in the Alps, the resort naturally has above average prices. This is due to the fact that the majority of new real estate is scarce and therefore leads to high demand. However, Val d'Isère offers different properties and can respond to different budgets.


"I love the slope leaving from the rock of Bellevarde in Val d'Isère to the Funival of La Daille. It mixes stretches of slopes very varied, with a large boulevard at the beginning and narrower passages towards the end. And, thanks to the Funival, even if you are super fast, you will spend more time descending than ascending. "
- Charles Antoine

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