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Benjamin Berger
Marketing & Sales

Seasons in a mountain resort : 7 years betwen Courchevel, Meribel,  Val d’Isere et Megeve

Your passion : Ski of course ! But I love the many ways of skiing, treck skiing, alpine ski, freeride.... and music. I love the calm offered by nature and the mountains, but I always take my earphones... just in case.  

Favorite spot on the slopes : The valley of Avals in Courchevel ; even if its not on the slopes !

What I love : The panorama of the Signal (summit of the slopes of Moriond). We are lost in nature, close to the mountains with a breathtaking view on the Mont Blanc on one side, and on the Portetta on the other.  

Unique experience with a client : First Track in La Saulire. We have privatized the cab and had a private hurtle down the corridors and slopes before sunrise.  

Guillaume Charrier
Conseiller immobilier, Méribel

Season in  mountain resorts : 2 seasons in Meribel

Your passion : Freeride and big terraces

Favorite spots on the slopes: The corridors of the Saulire facing East and West

What I love : The coffee shop and wine bar, the size of the domain and activities ! 

A unique experience for a client : Showing the secret spots of Meribel to a client

Ygerne Pennarun
Ski Holiday Adviser, Courchevel

Seasons in a mountain resort : 7 season on Courchevel, 5 with Cimalpes

Your passion: Generally, I love mountain activities and outdoor sports.  

Favorite spot on the slopes: Summit of the Saulire with a splendid 360 degree view.     

What I love : Valley of Avals in winter and summer ! A unique very intimate and quiet spot.  

A unique experience with a client : Many unique experiences ! I try to always offer something new.

Céline Allemmoz
Sales Assistant, Courchevel

Seasons in a mountain resort :   Ten years in Courchevel !

Your passion: travelling,hiking in the mountain to relax and breath in the fresh air   

Favorite spot on the slopes:  The "dent du Villard", unfortunately not on the slopes 

What I love :  Up until its closing, it was the Refuge of Grand Plan, summer and winter, in the 3 Valleys.  

Julien Chamoux
Rentals Manager, Courchevel

Seasons in a mountain resort : Since 2002 in Courchevel


Your passion: Mountain sports and of course.... The Olympic Football team of Lyon ! 


Favorite spot on the slopes: Summit of the Saulire in the morning


What I love : Valley of Avals 


A unique experience with a client : Organizing a surprise birthday party in a high altitude restaurant  

Gaëlle Seguis
Ski Holiday Adviser, Méribel

Seasons in a mountain resort :   8years in Méribel

Your passion: Snowboard, wakeboard, photography, travels, music, art, fashion, decoration

Favorite spot on the slopes:   Freeride of Mottaret, of the "3 marches", near the "Mont vallon". On the slopes : Marcassin-aigle, La face, Blaireau . The DC snow park area.

What I love : Tjhe " Cab’Anne" for its convivial atmosphere and lovely regional products. The bistrot of Orée for its warming welcome and quality of food. The "Poste de Secours" for festive nights out with friends. The Panorama at the top of the cable car of "Mont Vallon".   

A unique experience with a client : Delivery at my office of 131 roses for a client's wife. But also the sharing and adventures such as late arrivals when snow is falling or russian clients inviting me for a champaign breakfast !  

Myriam Daba
Conseillère vacances, Courchevel

Seasons in a mountain resort :  8years in Courchevel

Your passion:  Snowshoe ballads, cinema and reading.

Favorite spot on the slopes:  The view from the Saulire or the Stone chalet, and the terrace of the Mercure Hotel.

What I love :  The aerian balet offered by the terrace of the Pilatus right next to the Altiport. A beautiful show !

A unique experience with a client : The torchlight descent organized by the ESF teachers for a birthday. They had written the boy's name on the slope... Magical !

Jean-Philippe Sagne
Real Estate Adviser, Moriond

Seasons in a mountain resort :  5 seasons between Courchevel & Meribel

Your passion: Mecanics, going fast and extreme sensations are my passion. Music in any form allows me to relax and let go...

Favorite spot on the slopes:  I'm not a great ski lover. I prefer relaxing on a sunlight terrace of altitude restaurants.

What I love :  Many restaurants are musts in Courchevel. The 'oeil de boeuf' in Courchevel Village, the Saulire etc...

A unique experience with a client : The three valleys skiing in the morning, gastronomic breakfast in a two starred restaurant in Saint Martin De Belleville and return to Courchevel by helicopter 

Aurélie Genevois
Ski Holiday Adviser

Seasons in a mountain resort :  3 in Meribel, Courchevel, Val d'Isere and Megeve.

Your passion:  The convivial and warming atmosphere of the resorts and sunlight skiing days.

Favorite spot on the slopes:  Top of the Mont Joly, with a beautiful view on the Mont Blanc.

What I love :  The festive atmosphere in the Folie Douce of Megeve

A unique experience with a client :  A family contest on the ice circuit of Val d'iSere for Mr and a relaxing spa treatment afternoon for Mrs. 

Une expérience unique pour le client: Une course en famille sur le circuit glace de val d’isère pour monsieur et une journée détente spa-massage pour madame 

Jennifer Chamoux
Ski Holiday Adviser, Moriond

Seasons in a mountain resort :  This is my fifth season on Moriond.

Your passion:  Mountain sport, especially here !

Favorite spot on the slopes:  Pyramides, with a splendid view on the mountains.

A unique experience with a client :  A lot of unique experiences 


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